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It is frustrating when you won’t see your project coming through, isn’t it? No problem, we made cad outsourcing an easy 3 steps process for our valuable novice and existing clients.


How? Let’s have a look.


Once you contact us for your CAD project, we will assist you to take your project one step further through effective communication via phone or email. Hence, we will try to understand your project requirements and scope of work from our end, before we ask for any more information.


We value your project confidentiality, so before we request any files we will make sure your data is protected. Once NDA in place and after we receive project files in CAD or Image or any PDF format, we will process it to next level for detail proposal stipulating hourly breakup on each item, including completion schedule. When we hear the acceptance of the proposal, a relevant Project Manager will be in contact with the client, taking a project to next step.


Project Manager will assign the project to relevant team lead and stay in touch with client until project is not completed successfully. We ensure; Project Manager will drive your project smoothly without any communication gaps, making sure client is updated on a regular interval and the RFI generated by project team lead are effectively communicated, leaving no stone unturned.


We perform level-II QC check on each and every project, no matter how big or small the project is. Our ethics won’t allow us to deliver half job and put our valuable client in such a hard time wasting their time and money both. Level-I QC is done by our team lead and Level-II by our Quality Analyst and Project Manager. All completed files will be either emailed or will be sent via firm’s ftp site.

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