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Solar Design Services

ACS is known for providing great Solar Design Services to homeowner or installer just starting out with the solar business. We understand your jurisdiction, standard and permit requirements along with regulatory and building code for your state. Our design services are in compliance with NEC, NFPA and local AHJs regulations.

We make sure solar design plan set incorporate permitting requirements to make sure your permit set passes, without any back and forth. An installer needs to control cost and we are here to help you out for your solar design requirements with fastest turnaround time.

ACS helps an installer to bring down installation cost while providing an optimum design solution with no compromise in the quality and delivery commitment.

Our solar site design services include:

  1. Solar site design using String inverters .
  2. Solar site design using Micro-inverters.
  3. Ground Mount Solar Site design
  4. Commercial Solar Design Services

We can easily handle the following items:

  • Module Layout
  • Set back required as per code
  • Load, String, Wire, V-drop Calculation for Micro and String Inverters
  • Backfeed Calculations, Supply-side tap, main panel change, and breaker thin down if required
  • Breaker and fuse calculations
  • PE stamping for electrical diagram or structural drawing at a best-discounted rate

The final deliverable will include full detailed plan sets with all the important elements needed to validate AHJ permitting requirements including:

  1. Cover sheet
  2. Module Layout
  3. Framing Plan
  4. 3-line or One Line diagram
  5. Attachment Details
  6. Label/placards Sheet
  7. A cut sheet on major equipment like Inverters, Modules, Attachment…

Turnaround time: 2 business days in most case

Discounted Pricing:

Please contact us for the pricing and we can avail the discounted rate for residential and commercial sites.

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