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Solar Drafting Services

ACS provides solar design and drafting services to the world well-known solar installers. We understand your jurisdiction, standard and permit requirements along with NEC regulatory and building code requirements for each city and county of each State.


We make sure your permit set passes without any back and forth using best industrial solar drafting practice. An installer needs to control cost in the today competitive market and one solution is partnering with us for all your solar drafting and design requirements at an economical cost with the fastest turnaround time.


ACS help an installer to focus on installation while providing a low cost design solution that meets jurisdiction requirements specific to each state, with no compromise in quality and delivery commitments.


Why ACS? It’s simple:


  1. We understand your jurisdiction requirements, standards, and building codes.
  2. Low cost and quick turnaround, normally 1(one) working day.
  3. Level 2 quality control.
  4. We provide complete permit set submittal to the authority having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
  5. We stay cost competitive by using our templates developed specifically to states and counties.
  6. We do load, wire and string calculation as per NEC standards.
  7. We can quickly adapt your standard and method for PV permit sets.
  8. Solar design and drafting require fire set back calculations and we understand those as per your state regulatory requirements.


For more detail please see Solar Design Services and permit package.

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