ACS provides cutting-edge structural steel detailing services for commercial, industrial, and process plant buildings. Our services include steel, rebar, staircase, stringer, railings, truss, girder, and misc. steel detailing services, erection drawing and anchor bolt detailing services.


Our qualified and experienced steel designers, engineers, and detailers are highly-skilled in providing cost-effective and efficient structural steel detailing services. Our services are well versed with international standards to achieve your detailing needs in a quick turnaround time.


ACS is committed to our client’s success by working closely with them to meet their demands and provide them with premium quality standard steel detailing services. We follow industrial norms in full compliance with AISC, NISD, OSHA standards.


General Structural Steel Detailing


It offers the creation of detailed drawings and documents including bolt location list, shop, and field bolt summaries, cutting list, drawing register, fitting and erection drawings, etc.

3D Steel Modeling


We utilize the latest 3D steel structural steel detailing modeling software to produce highly detailed 3D designs including all the necessary information for site construction.

Anchor Bolt Plans


These plans provide the location of ground fixings including details such as thread sizes, bolt sizes, and required tensile strength for attaching steel elements to concrete.

Steel Connection Design


Our experienced team offers detailed steel connection drawings, fixtures, and fittings including detailed welding, bolting information on how the connections are formed.

Framing Plans


Our framing drawings and plans include all the structural components to design a steel framework that can be designed from scratch to suit your requirements.

Embedded Material Plans


The embedded material plans of our structural steel detailing services include rebar layouts, shapes, sizes, slab stiffness, column and beam sizes, etc. for steel-reinforced concrete.

Our structural steel detailing and miscellaneous steel detailing includes:


  • Structural Steel
  • Balconies and Walkways
  • Staircase, Access Ladder, and Landing Platforms
  • Bollards, Handrails, Guardrails, and Monorails
  • Girts and Door Jambs
  • Process Vessel and Reactor Column Structures
  • Equipment Supports and Pipe Racks


We deliver:


  • Erection Drawings
  • Individuals Part Drawings
  • Anchor Bolt Plan and Details
  • 3d Model
  • DXF files


We follow AISC, NISD, and OSHA codes.



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