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Steel Detailing Services

ACS provides structural steel detailing services for commercial, industrial and process plant buildings. Avail Structural Steel Detailing Services from ACS CAD Services. Contact us at info@acscadservices.com or Call us at 508 948 0363. Affordable structural drafting on steel, rebar, staircase, stringer, railings, truss and the girder. We also provide erection drawing and anchor bolt detailing services.

Our structural steel detailing and miscellaneous steel detailing includes:


  • Structural Steel
  • Balconies and Walkways
  • Staircase, Access Ladder, and Landing Platforms
  • Bollards, Handrails, Guardrails and Monorails
  • Girts and Door Jambs
  • Process Vessel and Reactor Column Structures
  • Equipment Supports and Pipe Racks


We deliver:


  • Erection Drawings
  • Individuals Part Drawings
  • Anchor Bolt Plan and Details
  • 3d Model
  • DXF files


We follow AISC, NISD and OSHA codes.

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